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The performance of the enterprises in production and exportation is of vital importance in development of Turkey’s economy. In order to have a say in foreign markets and increase your exportation, it is primarily necessary to know the target market and the competitors, adapt to new technologies and make a good sectoral analysis. Thus, foreign fair trips aimed for relative sector play an important role in this scope.

CTM carries out foreign trade analysis, foreign market research and low-cost fair organizations with government support with her experience gained in the international platform.

For the establishments, who want to benefit from Market Research and Market Penetration supports of KOSGEB (Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization) and Ministry of Economy, we manage through whole process from file preparation services to gathering necessary documents and make applications in time in order for the participant enterprise to obtain incentives and we offer package programs specific for you.


We manage the whole organization flow between the parties within the scope of the government support granted to the enterprises participated in Sectorial Trade Board in order to explore new markets and to establish connections with overseas enterprises. We bring travel agencies, SME’s and professional chambers in Turkey together with Professional Organizations and enterprises and enable them to establish new business relations.


Do you want to find your potential customers abroad and meet with them?

Primarily we analyze your potential customers within the scope of foreign market research in the most accurate manner for you and then we organize your Procurement Committee programs with participation of representatives of institutions and organizations, press members, production and exportation company officials who are invited to our country from abroad and on the purpose of finding new markets for your products and preserving your market share.


In accordance with the notification with regards to “Supporting the Promotion of International Competitiveness”, also known as UR-GE, and within the scope of activities such as trainings, consultancy, foreign procurement committee organizations, foreign marketing events and consultancy services specific to enterprises, which aim at increasing the competitive power of the enterprises in international markets, enterprises are supported at the ratio of 70 % by means of the applications of cooperation institutions (Provincial Directorate of Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Organized Industrial Zones, Industrial Zones, Technology Development Zones, Sectorial Producer Associations, Sectorial Foreign Trade Companies, Manufacturer Associations/Unions/Cooperatives etc.).

By virtue of sector specific 5-year-long UR-GE projects and with CTM matching services, you may participate in sectorial committees, which are organized in target markets that increases your enterprise’s exportation, you may interview with your potential customers in any part of the world and you may establish new business partnerships by finding the most correct resources.

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